Mahmoud Mahroumi was born in 1976
Graduated with a BA in Sculpture in 2004 from the Faculty of Fine Art Tehran University

First choice prize / 6th Sculpture Biennial / 2011 , Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions
2014 - Aaran Art Gallery / Tehran , Iran
2008 - Stipulation / Ave Art Gallery /Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions
2016 - Abad Art Gallery / Tehran, Iran
2016 - Niavaran Art Gallery / Tehran, Iran
2015 - Aaran Projects Gallery / Tehran, Iran
2015 - Royal Gallery / Tehran Mon Amour / Curated by Christoph Sehl / Munich, Germany
2013 - Royal College of Art / Finalist Exibition Magic of Persia (MOP CAP) Landon, UK
2013 - Short list Exibition Magic of Persia (MOP CAP) Dubai, UAE
2012 - Mohsen Art Gallery, Rybon Workshop / Tehran,Iran
2012 - Farvahar Art Gallery / Tehran, Iran
2012 - Group Exhibition at the Belgium embassy, curated by Emad / Tehran, Iran
2011 - 6th Sculpture Biennial / Tehran, Iran
2007 - 4th Sculpture Biennial / Tehran, Iran
2003 - 3rd Sculpture Biennial / Tehran, Iran
2003 - 3rd Conceptual Art Exhibition / Tehran Fine Art University / Tehran, Iran
2002 - 2nd Conceptual Art Exhibition / Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran/Tehran, Iran
2001 - 1st Conceptual Art Exhibition / Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran / Tehran, Iran
2000 - 2nd sculpture Biannual, Tehran, Iran.

The itch over the body or "what the sculpture is demanding from me"
Twenty three years has passed since as a laborer I have casted for lamp post construction. Then, I had to realize the condition that the moulds would be tightened well before the concert would be secured. If the volts and nuts fastened by the snatched cast would not operate properly the framing would not withstand the concerts pressure rejecting the cast.
Along the duration of such process in time, I encountered the problematic of haltering, ordering, for formations of the material. The freezing moment of the cement material reinforced the concerts exterior mould. The tightening as what the inwardness fluidity felt like.
Meanwhile, an awareness of deteriorations, the entropy versus the modernist discipline formations: framing, versus the totalistic ideas by fascistic depictions burdened upon my regard to the application of material and the brutalism has paved my way all along.
Each time tried to escape from this itching pattern I have fell back into its pattern, in one way or the other, as if such a snag was pleasant to me.
Seventeen years has passed since my body has jammed by a huge scrap that has transformed into a gigantic mould which itches over my body by itself.

محمود محرومی متولد ۱۳۵۵
فارغ التحصیل رشته مجسمه سازی دانشکده هنرهای زیبای تهران ۱۳۸۳

خارش تن یا «آنچه مجسمه از من مي‌خواهد»
۱۷سال مي‌گذرد از زماني كه در يك كارخانه ساخت تيربرق‌هاي بتني در سِمَت كارگر، عهده‌ دار باز و بست قالب‌هاي فلزي بودم.
شرط اصلي كار من اين بود كه قبل از بتن‌ريزي، قالب‌ها خوب بسته شوند. كافي بود پيچ‌ها باز يا شُل باشند تا قالب نشت كند يا فشار زياد بتن قالب را پس بزند.
در طول اين مدت مسائلي از قبيل مهار و انضباط سازي مواد – سياليت سفت شونده – اندروني‌ها – اضمحلال و انتروپي – ترتيب و آتل‌بندي مدرنيستي انديشه‌هاي تماميت خواهي و توتاليزم در كار بست مواد و مصالح برايم مسير مشخصي ساخته است.
هر وقت خواستم در بروم يا بازي‌هاي ديگري بكنم جور ديگري گير افتادم. انگار كه برايم گير، خوشايندست.
۱۷سال است كه تنم را با اين گير بزرگ كه حالا تبديل به قالب بزرگي براي من شده مي‌خارانم.